St Henry’s Pilgrimage

St Henry’s pilgrimage, Finland

Saint Henry died as a martyr in 1156 and Saint Henry’s Way is a 140 kilometres pilgrimage route in South-Western Finland retracing his life. Saint Henry’s Pilgrimage Association is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2000 to help coordinate the annual pilgrimage which takes place mid-June. The Association is ecumenical in nature, open to all Christian denominations and more generally to anyone interested in pilgrimages or in Saint Henry’s life and his historical and spiritual significance.
The annual pilgrimage precedes the Midsummer (Juhannus) celebrations in June by one week. The duration of the pilgrimage varies between two days and seven days, depending on whether only a part or the entire Saint Henry’s Way is covered.
The planned dates for year 2017 is:Monday 12 June to Sunday 18 June 2017.
The main event is the Mass celebrated by the Catholic Church in Köyliö on the Church Islet (Köyliön Kirkkokari). The Mass is an ecumenical event and non-Catholics are welcome to participate.
Saint Henry’s Way is 140km and consists of three sections:
  1. The Nun’s Path (Nunnapolku) from Turku to Nousiainen, approximately 30km.
  2. Saint Henry’s Road (Sant Henrikin tie) from Nousiainen to Köyliö, approximately 85km.
  3. Huovintie road from Köyliö to Kokemäki, approximately 25km
To sign up to participate at 2017 pilgrimage please fill in the online form, refer to the “2017 Pilgrimage” tab.
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English translation by Henry Konsén