2017 Pilgrimage

To mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, the 2017 pilgrimage will be covered on foot, 140 km over one week. Simple accommodation and food will be provided for. It is possible to participate in the pilgrimage for less than a week, however for this and other special enquiries please fill in the registration form below.
The accommodation will be organised in school gyms, People’s Houses (työväentalo) and hunting lodges. Basic mattresses will be available but the pilgrims are expected to bring their own sleeping bags.
Simple breakfast, lunch and supper will be organised. The pilgrimage route does not pass near shops, kiosks or service stations. However, water and juice can be obtained from a service car tracking the pilgrims. The pilgrims are expected to bring their own mug, plate, cutlery and small snacks.
The day temperatures in June can vary between a rainy and windy +13°C and sunny and dry +30°C. During rain the route does become very muddy. Blisters and aches count among the most common pilgrim ailments. The pilgrims are encouraged to get walking practise before the pilgrimage. The shoes are likely the most important pilgrimage gear; they should be well worn and comfortable. The pilgrims are expected to check the weather forecast for the week and pack appropriate clothing, comfortable shoes, blister plaster, painkillers and any other personal medicines.
Due to the spiritual nature of the pilgrimage, the pilgrims are requested to refrain from using their mobile phones. The walk will be interrupted with small prayer sessions. Along the way the pilgrims are invited to complete small pilgrimage route repair chores, such as re-attaching pilgrimage markers and cutting away overgrown bush. The pilgrims may want to bring a hymn book and shrub scissors with them.
The total fee per pilgrim varies annually, mostly depending on the length of the pilgrimage route, and will be decided later. However, for reference the previous time the pilgrimage covered the full Saint Henry’s Way over six days the total fees were €240 per adult pilgrim and €120 per child pilgrim. The fees include basic accommodation and simple food for one week. The fees are lowered for any pilgrims wishing to participate for less than a week, however for this and other special enquiries please contact pyhahenrik@gmail.com
To participate in pilgrimage 2017, please contact pyhahenrik@gmail.com. Please give your name and the names of other possible pilgrims, your contact info, possible special diets and allergies.